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As every citizen is under a duty to safeguard the independence, sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the Union of Myanmar, in order to serve that duty, ...
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 12 January 2011 18:38 )

Burma’s Trade Council

Burma’s Trade Council was established in 1997, charged with supervising and scrutinising the country’s trade policies in the wake of widespread accusations of ...

Brief biographies of the some NLD CEC members

Win Myint represented the NLD and competed in the 1990 general election in constituency No.1, Danuphyu Township, being elected with 20,388 votes, ...

Severe water shortages reported across Burma

High temperatures and low rainfall have caused severe water shortages all across Burma. Lakes, rivers and wells are at record low levels. The ongoing water crisis has made life ...
Last Updated ( Monday, 07 June 2010 17:11 )

NLD’s legal objections to the 2010 Election Laws

Act 8(k) of the Union Election Commission Law enshrines the commission with the powers of “supervising, order to supervise and guiding the political parties to conduct ...

Fact file related to Burma and the election

According to the 15th May, 2008 official announcement; the population of Burma is 57,504,368 ...

Political Parties Registration Law

(Research) The State Peace and Development Council hereby enacts, in accordance with Article 443 of the Constitution of the Republic of Union of Myanmar, ...

Election Commission Law in English

The following is the unofficial translation of the Election Commission Law by the Burmese regime dated 8 March 2010. Though the junta published ...
Last Updated ( Monday, 05 April 2010 18:05 )

New salary rates of Civil servants and Military officers

The salary rate for the officers of Defense Services started from January, 2009.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 12 January 2010 11:25 )

UWSA's proposal on transformation of itself into Border Guard Force

We hereby present our attitude and demands on regional demarcation and transformation of our armed forces in cooperation with the State Transformation Policy ...
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 12 January 2010 11:01 )
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