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WLB to continue efforts to put generals on trial

Mizzima News – The Women's League of Burma (WLB) said on Thursday that it  would continue its campaign to bring Burmese junta leaders before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

wlb-international-peace-day1sThe sixth congress of the WLB was held on the Thai-Burma border for three days starting Monday.

The pro-democracy opposition women’s organisation issued a statement that  said it would continue work to create a UN Commission of Inquiry to  investigate allegations of human rights violations in Burma and to put junta leaders, including Senior General Than Shwe, on trial for war crimes, including sexual violence against women.

Since Burma is not a signatory of the ICC statute, the junta’s generals  cannot be brought directly before the ICC.

The women’s group is directing its efforts to the UN Security Council, which could refer its investigative findings to the ICC, which would then consider a further investigation.

In its statement, the WLB said it viewed the 2008 Burmese  Constitution as anti-democratic and that the new Parliament to be formed on Jan. 31 will not lead to genuine political change in the country.

The organization said it in 2011 it will use the media as a tactical tool to bring attention to their three main goals: building peace, national  reconciliation and fighting for women’s rights.

The group also accepted the Kayan Women Organisation (KyWO) as a new member of the organisation.

The WLB was established on December 9, 1999, comprising 12 Burmese women’s organisations based along the  border of Bangladesh, India and Thailand.

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