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Eight Burmese monks reportedly deported from Mae Sot

Bangkok (Mizzima) – Police in Mae Sot, Thailand, and immigration officers reportedly arrested eight Burmese monks while they were on alms rounds in Mae Sot on Thursday and immediately disrobed and deported them back to Burma.

Police in Mae Sot could not confirm the arrest or deportation of the monks.

The eight monks were identified by friends as Ashin Nandiya, 21, who was visiting Mae Sot from the Omphyan refugee camp, Gurkha, 60, a monk from Taw Yat Monastery, Ashin Wimala, 56, Ashin Thu Seikta, 60, from Kyaunggyi Monastery, Ashin Pyinnya Thiha, 26, Nandita, 13, a novice from Wat Ahlan Monastery, Ashin Thumingla, 56, and Ashin Thumingla, 60.

The Tak Province chief administrative officer reportedly had them arrested and deported because they had no valid documents with them, according to sources.

‘They were arrested at the Mae Sot market while they were begging alms at about 6 in the morning. When they reached the police station, they were first sent to Wat Kyone Phon Monastery where the township monk abbot stayed. The abbot disrobed all of them’, said Ashin Nandiya, one of the monks who was arrested.

He told Mizzima that when the monks claimed they were from the refugee camp, they were asked to produce UN documents. When they could not produce the documents, they were disrobed and taken to jail.

Ashin Nandiya said that the monks were physically abused by the police.

When Mizzima contacted the Mae Sot police station on Thursday to inquire about the incident, a police officer on duty said that there were no such monks in their custody but there had been a few people making similar inquires.

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