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Sarlingyi residents to grow rice on site of Monywa copper mine

Farmers from eight villages in the Sarlingyi Township plan to grow rice on land in the area of the Monywa copper mine project, despite it being restricted under Section 144 of the penal code.

At press conference held at the Myanmar Journalist Network office in Yangon on Thursday, Min Min, a farmer from the area, said that although local authorities strictly restrict farmers from ploughing fields in the copper mine project area, the farmers will grow rice this rainy season.

There are 7,800 acres of land in the restricted zone.

Presiding Monk Kawein Daka of Shin Ma Taung monestary from Sarlingyi Township said that although the deal was signed between the former government and Wanbao Co, the current government, Wanbao Co and the Latpadaung Inquiry Commission should act fairly and within the boundary of the law. 

Residents of Sarlingyi said that although 1.5 million kyat (US$1,685) per acre was given in compensation to the farmers whose lands were confiscated, there are some farmers who have not accepted the compensation.

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