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Muse city plan ‘for the glory of the country’

Myanmar’s Minister of Commerce says that the government will draft a city plan for the northern border town of Muse “for the glory of the country”.

Situated in conflict-ridden northern Shan State, Muse sits on the Chinese border opposite Ruili where negotiations took place on March 12 between the Myanmar government delegation and the Kachin Independence Organization.

One of the country’s main gateways to China, Muse has long been associated with the smuggling of drugs, jade and timber. It is also the planned exit point for the controversial Shwe Gas pipeline which is in its final stage of construction, and is scheduled to begin transferring oil and gas from the Bay of Bengal to Yunnan Province within a few months.

“We are working on various civil and road projects, construction of warehouses and modern housing projects, a quality airport and hotels,” said Minister Win Myint to the Upper House of Parliament on March 7.

The construction of the 105-mile Ho Naung- Pan Sine highway and the Myo Shaung Highway are also underway, he said.

High technology systems will be implemented in Muse’s industrial zone to better facilitate trade and commerce, the minister added.

“Local residents will benefit from the job opportunities that this [industrial zone] project beings,” said Han Sein, the chairman of the Muse-Nant Kham Traders Association.

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