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Naypyitaw investigates the mysterious case of ‘Dr. Seik Phwar’

The Union Parliament held a hearing on March 4 in an attempt to expose the identity of Dr. Seik Phwar, an anonymous critic of the government who has published several scathing articles about parliament online, such as “Is parliament above the law?” and “Parliament speaker and his cohorts”.

The investigation commission for the case comprised of 17 MPs. Those who were invited for the hearing included Dr. Thein Myint, managing director of Eleven Media Group, Khin Maung Nyo, a writer and advisor for The Street View journal advisor, who published Dr. Seik Phwar’s articles in the past, and Thaung Tin, the Deputy Minister of Communications.

“Primarily the investigation asked who Dr. Seik Phwar was. We don’t know about him and many persons who attended today’s hearing said ‘no’,” said Kyaw Min Swe, The Voice Weekly editor-in-chief, who attended the hearing.

The hearing started at 3 p.m. and lasted for 45 minutes, with the investigation committee questioning those in attendance whether they were Dr. Seik Phwar or not, said Kyaw Min Swe.

“I wish Union Parliament did not waste its precious time with such trivial things,” said Kyaw Min Swe after the hearing.

A commission member previously told Mizzima in an interview that the parliament would expose the true identity of Dr. Seik Phwar after the current session of parliament.

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