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Mon State gas pipeline nears completion

The construction of the Kanbauk to Myaing Kalay to Hlawgar gas pipeline is now more than 70 percent complete following delays due to the pipe being built too near the sea and land disputes.

30 inch pipeline piles waiting to be installed in Mon State  (Photo: IMNA)“[The project was delayed because] pipes passed across seashores and problems occurred when the tides rose,” said an official overseeing the project who wished to remain anonymous. “The old pipes were vulnerable to water pressure and their capacities were reduced so we have replaced those old pipes with high-quality pipes.”  

The new Korean-made pipes are 40 feet in length, 30 inches in diameter, and one inch thick.

The path of the pipeline has been moved so that it now passes only through inland areas, according to the official who explained that although Myanmar has the required technical know-how for the large pipeline construction project, it does not have enough money and cannot provide international-level standard security around the pipeline.
Some farmlands and private gardens were taken over by authorities in order to clear the route for the pipeline, resulting in disputes and further delays.
An official said that authorities had compensated land owners whose lands were taken over by the project authorities. The Energy Ministry had given instructions to its officials in order to avoid disputes with the land owners.
He added that some land owners told the project officials to increase the amount of the compensation because the land prices increased this year. However, the project officials set the amount of compensation on last year’s land prices.
The Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise began construction on the 180-mile pipeline in 2000.

Two years ago, the Energy Ministry re-started the construction of the pipeline saying it planned to complete the installation of new pipes no later than late December 2012.

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