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Myanmar constitution does not benefit ethnic people, says KNU

The general secretary of the Karen National Union (KNU) has said that the KNU remains committed to peace but that the Myanmar government must implement further reforms.

KNU-General-Secretary-Padoh-Kwe-Htoo sHe said that although Myanmar had made significant reforms since 2011, it was still heavily influenced by the Myanmar Army.

“We don't agree with the 2008 Constitution because it has no guarantees for ethnic people, and gives no guarantee for democracy. If we cannot amend the constitution, then there is no guarantee for our peoples ethnic or political rights. I believe that it not possible for the KNU to be registered as a [political] party and to contest the [2015] election,” said Padoh Kwe Htoo, General Secretary of the Karen National Union, in an interview with Karen News.

He stressed that that further talks would be needed with the Myanmar government to reach a "final endorsement" to ensure ceasefire security.

“The KNU’s policy is unchanged, despite ceasefire negotiations with the Burma [Myanmar] Army. Unity is important for our future struggle. Right now is a critically important time for our people,” he said.

Padoh Kwe Htoo told Karen News that the KNU would look for peace through political discussions and negotiations, and not on the battlefield.

He also expressed unease over the government’s plans to construct mega development projects in Karen State and said that Karen people must be involved in any future discussions on these projects.


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