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Rangoon hosts the Burmese Oscars

The Myanmar Motion Picture Academy Awards, a local version of Hollywood’s Oscars, celebrated its return to Rangoon on Sunday night after four years in the new capital Naypyidaw.
Organizers of the annual event, which was held this year at Thuwunna National Indoor Stadium, reported a higher number of attendees compared with previous years.

The films were adjudicated by the so-called “Myanmar Motion Picture Outstanding Award Scrutiny Board” which was formed by eminent artists, academics and movie technicians who selected the award winners out of 15 Burmese movies shown in 2011—a full one year later than most ceremonies.

Awards were presented for: Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Photography, Best Music Score, and of course Best Movie.

The movies “Htarwaya Alindanmyar” and “Pannkyarwuthmon” won 10 of the 11 awards. Significantly, “Htarwaya Alindanmyar” won Best Actor (Naung Naung), and Best Director (Tun Aung Zaw).

Minister for Information Aung Kyi delivered an address at the ceremony where he lauded the rejuvenated movie industry in Burma and the plans to establish more movie studios and cinemas with funding.

Movies he said, were able to depict history, the future and real life, could manifest national identity, and were crucial for “strengthening territorial integrity and encouraging social stability.”

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