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Burma’s nuclear program for medical purposes only, says military chief

A Burmese military chief says that the country plans to use nuclear technology for medical research and energy purposes, but has no intention of developing atomic weapons, according to state media.

Atomic bomb mushroom cloud over Nagasaki in 1945 (PHOTO: Wikipedia)Vice Snr-Gen Min Aung Hlaing’s statement comes a month after Naypyitaw announced it would declare any nuclear material following reports it was still harvesting military ties with North Korea.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony for the military's medical academy in Rangoon on Saturday, Min Aung Hlaing reportedly said, “In modern medical treatment, nuclear medicine is effectively used to treat cancer with radioactive isotopes and radioactive therapy.

“The military will not develop nuclear technology to produce weapons of mass destruction, but will conduct studies and experiments for peaceful purposes in accordance with international standards to use in the medical sector—in laboratory research for science and in the electrical energy sector.”

The Burmese government confirmed in November that it would sign an international agreement that would require it to declare all nuclear facilities and materials, and allow for UN inspections.

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