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Lifting the Curtain on Myanmar

Trailer for “They Call It Myanmar: Lifting the Curtain”:

This documentary by American filmmaker Robert H. Lieberman tells the story of Burma under military rule.

In stunning cinematography shot clandestinely over a two-year period, the film lifts the curtain on the everyday life of the people in this land who were held hostage by a brutal and superstitious military regime for so many years.

A revealing interview with Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi conducted just after her release from house arrest is interwoven with extensive interviews and interactions with Burmese people from all around this incredibly
diverse nation.

The film, culled from over 120 hours of striking images, is an impressionistic journey that leads across the vastness of Burma. It traces the history of Burma from its beginnings in the ancient city of Bagan, through colonial times,
recent uprisings, the devastating Cyclone Nargis that killed 150,000 people, and up to 2010.

This rare footage forms an unexpected and expressive portrait of a place they call Myanmar.

“They Call It Myanmar” is now widely available in digital form: DVD, Itunes, Netfix, etc.

“The result is eye-opening and insightful.”
- Critics’ Pick: New York Times

“The documentary is as quietly enthralling as Myanmar’s people. Variously tough and poetic… Lieberman possesses a warm and genuine curiosity.”
-Los Angeles Times

“They Call It Myanmar” is a thing of beauty… its cinematography, music and contemplative words make it… a hymn to a land that has grown out of the oldest cultures in Asia. The film has taken on an unexpected buzz
-Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

“Defies the odds… delivers a compelling portrait… dwells with you… The definitive film on a country . . . A notable and often heartbreaking documentary.”
-The Hollywood Reporter

“Quietly startling moments… They Call It Myanmar is a solid and subtly moving portrait of the people of Burma by filmmaker Robert H. Lieberman…  The level of fear is palpable. Lieberman manages to capture the country’s beauty, along with the proud perseverance of its people.
-The Washington Post

“It works… buoyed by it’s open and honest take on a subject that could have been all too easy turned into another marketable tragedy.”
-Village Voice

“Filmmakers capture Myanmar.”
-New York Times

“Robert H. Lieberman's exceptional, truthful and exciting documentary . . . a documentary with all the virtues of a great feature film.. . . He has succeeded brilliantly.”
- San Francisco Examiner

“The images of the people linger in the imagination… images of a country that is achingly beautiful.”- Reuters

“The striking beauty of the country; the people; the decayed infrastructure; the extreme poverty; archival footage; an interview with pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi; Robert H. Lieberman has put together a collage of voices sounds and images. A labor of Love.”
-BBC World News

“Pries the lid off daily life in what has long been one of world's most isolated and repressed places… absorbs the country's charms and cruelties and spills them out with disarming curiosity.”
-Associated Press

“A powerful work…inspiring.”
-Time Out Beijing, China

“With Myanmar on the verge of truly opening up, the best possible introduction is likely Robert H. Lieberman’s film, “They Call It Myanmar.”
-Washington Times

They Call It Myanmar presents a multifaceted look at the world’s second-most–isolated country— Time Out New York

“Provides one of the ultimate functions of a documentary, taking us into the life and culture of a people most of us would never know. . . not just interesting, but timely.”
- San Francisco Chronicle

“Burma Documentary Takes US by Storm…An explosive new film opens to rave reviews”
-Irrawaddy Magazine

 “An extraordinary documentary… an important must-see film.”
- Journal Star, Lincoln Nebraska

This is the best film I’ve seen about Burma.”
- Berkeleyside, Berkeley, CA

“It’s a great example of the potential power of film . . . It may not be a big production, but it has a big heart.”
- Saturday Night at the Movies, Berkeley, CA

“An astonishing and intimate look.”
- Northwest Asian Weekly

“Has garnered critical acclaim . . . sold out Lincoln Center.”
- Times Square Gossip

“You will be unable to stop caring about Burma after this movie.”
-Ambassador Ken Brill

“I cried while watching it.”
-Aung Din, U.S. Campaign For Burma

“You’ll be amazed.”
-Aye Chan Naing, The Democratic Voice of Burma

“Powerfully exposes the real sense of fear that people in Burma live with every day.”
-Mark Farmaner, Campaign For Burma UK

“Emotionally engaging and visually stunning. In a rare and revealing interview, Aung San Suu Kyi brings authority and impact to this production.”
-Øyvind Håbrekke, Member of Norwegian Parliament

“Days later, I am still thinking about the quiet bravery and extraordinary peacefulness of the Burmese people. This film will make a very deep impression on you.”
-Caroline Butler, Amnesty International, Bath U.K.

“The show sold out and the audience was very receptive. I found it fascinating, so thank you for letting us show it.”
-Emma Mortimore, GM, Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh

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