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KNU chairman Tamla Baw resigns

talamabawsGen Tamla Baw, the 93-year-old Chairman of the Karen National Union (KNU), has announced his resignation and retirement.

According to a KNU source, he made the announcement on Monday in a speech at the opening ceremony of the KNU’s 15th Congress which is currently being held in Hlaing Bwe Township in Karen State.

No successor has yet been chosen, the source said.

The KNU leadership has been in turmoil recently following an internal rift between a faction led by Gen Mutu Say Poe and a hardliners headed by Tamla Baw’s daughter, Zipporah Sein.

The KNU source said, “Tamla Baw is old and in poor health. It is difficult for him to travel. That’s why he is stepping down.”

The two-week congress is being held in Lay Wah, an area under the control of KNU Brigade 7. A new Karen leadership is scheduled to be elected on the final day of the congress.

The KNU central committee has announced that Gen. Mutu Say Poe will continue as commander-in-chief of the KNU until a permanent decision is made at this congress.

The KNU has been fighting successive Burmese governments for more than 60 years, demanding autonomy. In January, it signed a ceasefire agreement with the government.

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