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Burma’s state-run newspaper now ‘public service media’

“Perspectives,” an editorial section in Burma’s state-run New Light of Myanmar newspaper, on Thursday announced it was “redefining our paper in this new era in which we are enjoying more and more freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of press as fundamental rights of the citizens of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.”

Among the changes highlighted was the use of color starting on Thursday.

But it said, “The most significant example [of change] is that the draconian censorship that has been abolished a few months ago as the democracy has become more and more mature in Myanmar.

“We the editorial board of The New Light of Myanmar with pride would love to inform our subscribers that we are transforming our paper into a public service media,” it said. “We hope to especially focus on neglected social groups from now on. We will represent the people and, strictly speaking – you.

The editorial said the newspaper does not represent an organization “but the entire people, especially the vulnerable population.”

It said the newspaper now has the right to determine “how this newspaper you are reading represents you and a voice in the way it is printed. Your comments will be thankfully counted.”

“We vow to bridge the gap of understanding between the world and Myanmar and to help our once-isolated country reunite again with the global family,” said the editorial.
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