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Cease-fire ‘only with Naypyitaw’ not with Burmese army: SSA

Shan State Army (SSA) commanders say they’re frustrated with the Burmese government in trying to establish a true cease-fire.

SSA South troops line up for review. Photo: Mizzima“The Burmese Army has taken advantage of the cease-fire to rebuild and reinforce their bases,”a source who asked not to be named told the Shan Herald news agency.  “But it only wants us to move to our border bases.”

“So we seem to have a cease-fire only with Naypyitaw, but not with the Burmese Army,” he said. “It is like the Shan saying: ‘When the master eats, he says it’s because he likes it; but when the servant eats, he says the servant is greedy’.”

The Burmese army is encouraging its rural-based People’s Militia Forces to recruit and expand, he said.

According to the SSA, in an attack against its base in Tong Lao, Mongkeung Township, on  Sept. 7 more than 10 Burmese troops were killed and more than 30 were wounded. The figures could not be confirmed

Fighting also took place in Mong Pu Awn, Mongpiang Yownship, on Sept. 5, when another SSA base was attacked, and also near Mai Niu, Mawkmai Township, on  Sept. 8, according to reports.

 “Everything indicates that the fighting will continue,” said Lt-Gen Yawdserk, the chairman of the Restoration Council of Shan State, the SSA’s political arm. “The only bright side is that the door is now open for negotiations.”

Both the SSA South and SSA North have fought over 60 clashes against the Burmese Army since cease-fire agreements were signed on December 2 and January 28, respectively.
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