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ABSDF makes formal apology for killings

The All Burma Students’ Democratic Front (ABSDF) issued a formal apology on Friday for its killing, torture and persecution of victims that took place 20 years ago.

ABSDF chairman Than Khe meets with Burmese in Oakland in the San Francisco bay area of California in April, 2011. Photo:kokophoto / flickr“We deeply regret those who suffered and lost their lives in the events that took place in northern Burma, and we seriously apologize to the people concerned – parents and families of those who suffered and lost their lives,” said an ABSDF statement.

The ABSDF has formed a truth and justice task force and it's in the process of creating an objective statement and records on the events, said ABSDF chairman Than Khe.

“We formed the truth and justice task force as the first step. We will meet all of the people who got involved in these events, and we will question them on how did these events occur. And then we shall present objective report and record as the first step. After ascertaining and exposing all the events in detail, we shall take further step,” he told Mizzima.
In a March statement, the ABSDF said information would be gathered on killings and persecutions in Pajau, Kachin State, in 1992, and work would be completed by May 2013.
Another event under investigation involved ABSDF students who were accused of being spies planted by the government’s military intelligence, who were tortured in interrogation. Fifteen people including the chairman of ABSDF (North) Tun Aung Kyaw were given death sentence sand executed.
After the military regime took power and cracked down on the popular ’88 uprising through the brutal killing of pro-democracy protesters across the country, many students fled to the countryside to join the armed insurrection, and the students formed an army called the ABSDF.
Nearly 20,000 students and youth joined the armed struggle after the brutal ’88 crackdown.
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