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Burma to appoint new defense minister

President Thein Sein made nominations to two Cabinet posts in a message to the Burmese Parliament on Tuesday.

He submitted Lt-Gen Wai Lwin of the Office of Commander-in-Chief (Army) as the new defense minister and Thein Hteik, the union minister for mines, as the new union auditor-general, according to a report by Eleven News.

Wai Lwin would replace Lt-Gen Hla Min, who will be reassigned to the military.

In a report to the president, the commander-in-chief of defense services recommended Lt-Gen Wai Lwin for the post, saying the lieutenant general met the requirements of the Constitution.

The new appointments must be approved by the full Parliament.

The president approved the resignation of Union Auditor-General Lun Maung on August 28.
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