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Woman arrested with counterfeit Burmese kyat

Rangoon (Mizzima) – Burmese police arrested a woman with 5,000 kyat (US$ 5.74) denomination counterfeit notes with a bogus value of four million kyat in Kawthaung in southern Burma on Saturday, said sources close to the police.
5,000 kyat notes  Photo: Mizzima
5,000 kyat notes  Photo: Mizzima 
Local police arrested Wai Yan Phyo, 25, from Ayeyeiknyein Quarter, with 5,000 kyat counterfeit notes when she was buying gold in a shop in Annawa Quarter in Kawthaung, said sources.
“First, she bought four tical [one tical = 16 grams] of gold. Then she went to a currency exchange counter to exchange Burmese currency for Thai currency. But, the exchange counter did not allow her to exchange the currency. Then, she went to the gold shop to buy. She was arrested there,” said a source.
Another woman was also involved in the case, but the woman eluded capture, said sources.
The two women had temporary passports issued for Burmese migrant workers in Thailand, and they went back and forth, sources said.
On August 24, a local people milita arrested a person with 5,000 kyat denomination counterfeit notes with a false value of more than ten million kyat in Homane sub-Township on the Thai-Burmese border in southern Shan State.
The Burmese government has frequently kept counterfeit currency cases secret to avoid instability of currency.
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