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China offers MBA degree in Rangoon

A Chinese university will offer Burmese students classes in a master's in business administration degree program through its Myanmar Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Rangoon.

The Chinese Jinan University is offering an internationally recognized two-year Master of Business Administration (MBA) course to about 20 students, to be taught by Burmese and Chinese teachers both in Burmese and English, according to a Xinhua news agency article.

Jinan University in Guangzhou, south China, was set up in 1906 and has offered an MBA program since 1993.

There are five institutes offering MBA programs in Burma, including the Yangon Institute of Economics, the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce and Myanmar Imperial College, said Xinhua.

The Burmese government is pushing to upgrade the country’s university curriculum after years of stagnation.

Last week, Mizzima reported that computer universities in Rangoon and Mandalay regions would increase degree requirements by one year and provide more vocational training during the next academic year.

Currently, under the Ministry of Science and Technology, there are 33 technological universities and 25 computer universities in Burma.

However, because of budget limitations, vocational training can be provided only in universities in Rangoon and Mandalay, the minister said. In the past, computer universities ran four-year degree programs. The new computer degree program will total five academic years. The total academic years to get a degree in technology will be six years.

In June, Mizzima reported that Yangon University would cooperate with Johns Hopkins University of the US to enhance its law and political science programs; Mandalay University will receive aid from the University of Lyons 2 and University Montpellier 2 in France; Pathein University will receive aid from University Montpellier 2, a domestic newspaper reported.

Also on the education front, the Asia Foundation, a non-governmental organization, has also offered to provide necessary books and documents, and to support the online library system in Burma.

Official statistics show that the number of state-operated basic education schools in Burma has increased to 41,000 and more than 8.1 million students are pursuing education under the guidance of over 270,000 teachers.

In the higher education sector, there are 161 universities and colleges in operation around the country.
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