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Burma removes 2,082 dissidents’ names from blacklist

The Burmese government has removed 2,082 names from its blacklist that has blocked Burmese dissidents living in foreign countries from entering the country, the Information Ministry’s official website announced on Tuesday.

The ban on 2082 blacklisted persons was lifted enabling them to return Burma, said the Information Ministry’s official website.

A total of 4,083 people are still blacklisted.
The Information Ministry’s webpage said, “In the past, companies and persons from all fields including media were blacklisted and banned by the government in the national interest. But the government is lifting the ban on them in accord with the reforming system.”

Meanwhile, among the Burmese dissidents living in foreign countries, Tun Aung Kyaw and Moe Thee Zun, former chairmen of the All Burma Students' Democratic Front, and Nyo Ohn Myint, a former member of the now defunct National League for Democracy–Liberated Area, reported plan to return Burma in early September.
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