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Vehicle accidents claim 67 lives in Rangoon over six-month period

Rangoon (Mizzima) – Sixty-seven people were killed and 456 injured in vehicle accidents in the first half of the year in Rangoon.

A total of 143 vehicle accidents were reported from January to mid-July, officials said.

Buses account for a large number of vehicle accidents in Rangoon. Officials say drivers need to drive with safety in mind.  Photo: MizzimaMany of the accidents involved collisions between buses and vehicles.

As the number of passenger cars in Rangoon increases, many drivers are failing to follow driving rules, officials said.

Bus drives are a major factor in accidents, because they drive recklessly even during rush hours while trying to overtake other buses to get more passengers.  

“Most of the time, the drivers flee from the scene when they get in an accident,” said one official.

Some bus companies are giving weekly traffic-rule and safety training to their employees, which also covers first aid and instructions for them not to flee from an accident.

Under the current system, many bus drivers and conductors are paid on the basis of the number of trips they complete. Observers said the system should be changed to reward responsible, safe driving.

Seventeen bus companies serve Rangoon with up to 8,000 buses. It’s estimated that about 5,000 buses run regular routes on a daily basis.

City bus service ends about 8 p.m. after which passengers have to rely on privately run or unauthorized buses.

On July 14, a bus hit two persons who stood in the middle of a street as they tried to cross a street in Kyimyindine Township. The bus was trying to overtake another bus at the time. The driver and conductor fled from the scene.
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