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A respected journalist, Ludu Sein Win, dies

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Poet Ko Lay (Innwa Gone Yee) of the Ludu Press said that the death of veteran journalist Ludu Sein Win, 71, on Sunday is a great loss to the Burmese literary community that will be impossible to fill.

Author and journalist Ludu Sin Win   Photo: /facebookThe funeral was scheduled to be held on Tuesday at 2 p.m. at Yayway Cemetery. He is survived by a daughter Chaw Ei Win and a grandchild.

“A Burmese proverb says a novice, Agga, left the monkhood while the number of novices was very few in the monastery,” said Ko Lay. “We have very few real, qualified journalists in the country. Now one has passed away. The loss of such a journalist is a considerable loss to the country.”

Ludu Sein Win died of tuberculosis at Shwegondaind SSC hospital, he said.

Sein Win had used an oxygen mask starting about five years ago, he said, but continued to write articles in weekly journals and monthly magazines. A family member said he stopped writing in April because of deteriorating health.

A former political prisoner, Ludu Sein Win continued to write articles criticizing successive governments.

“He was good at giving suggestion,” Ko Lay said. “He warned others if he thought something was wrong in their thinking. He was so adept and so brave. He was not a selfish or egoistic person. Such a person is very rare in the country.”

Myanmar Journalists Association General-Secretary Ko Ko said he was a good model for younger journalists.

“The loss of such a person is irreparable to us,” Ko Ko told Mizzima.

Writer Nu Nu Yee (Innwa) said that Ludu Sein Win wrote articles with about 15 pen names. One was “Win Zaw.” She said his book, “Never Let the Flag Down," was unforgetable.

She said he was not afraid to analyze the actions of the military dictatorships in Burma

After reading “Student, Prison, Revolutionary” by Yebaw [comrade] Po Than Jaung, she said she understood more about Ludu Sein Win and he was imprisoned on Coco Island, she said.

After 1963, Ludu Sein Win was one of many students, writers, journalists and politicians who were sent to the remote Coco Island prison, where his health deteriorated. He was later transferred to Insein Prison, where he suffered a stroke and was paralyzed on the right side of his body. He was released in 1980.

He then learned to write with his left hand and continued to write many articles on literature, politics, culture and world affairs.
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