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Muslims protest at Bengali mosque in Rangoon against murder of Muslims

New Delhi (Mizzima) – About 50 Muslims staged a protest in front of Sunni Bengali Mosque in Rangoon on Tuesday evening, calling attention to the murder of 10 Muslims in Tungup, Rakhine State, on Sunday in a brutal sectarian rampage.
An overview of the crowd of 50 protesters and about 300 onlookers. Photo: Min Min Oo / Mizzima
The demonstration organizers said they wanted justice and the prosecution of those responsible. They also objected to the state-run media’s use of the word “Muslim kalar,” which they said  is a derogatory expression.

88-Generation student leader Mya Aye, who practices the Musim faith, urged the protestors and about 300 onlookers to be calm and peaceful.

Mya Aye told the crowd to respect the Muslim faith and not to play into the hands of people who hate others because of their religion.

But, he said, “We want justice for the brutal killing of 10 passengers.”

Also, he said he wanted justice to be done in connection with the rape and murder of Thida Htwe on May 28. Her murder is believed to have sparked the ambush of a bus carrying Muslims returning to Rangoon from the Tungup area.

A wild crowd stopped the bus and attacked the passengers, killing at least nine people, according to reports.

Onlookers said Mya Aye was responsible for bringing the anger of the crowd under control.  

Khin Hnin Hla from Taunggyi, who lost three family members in the Tunggup murders, told  Mizzima, “I don’t understand about politics, but I want justice for this. I don’t want to criticize the government. I’ve never heard them using of the word ‘kalar’ before. I wonder why they used this word now?”

The demonstration ended peacefully and there were no incidents between protesters and onlookers.
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