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‘Bottom-up initiative’ needed: gov’t editorial

Officials alone can’t transform Burma and the country  needs a “bottom up initiative” to become a democratic nation, an editorial in the state-run newspaper said on Thursday.
New-Light-of-Myanmar-bannerHowever, there will be no turning back in the process of democratic reforms throughout the country, the editorial in The New Light of Myanmar said: “The reform strategy the new government initiates is irreversible and there will be no backsliding or derailment in the road to democracy.”

The editorial, titled “Make Ongoing Reforms More Transparent and Visionary,” said, “Our transition to [move to] democracy is indeed not without challenges. We are prepared and resolute to overcome all these challenges and continue our endeavors until we achieve our stated goal,” said the government newspaper.

It noted that President Thein Sein has urged the country’s population, particularly government employees, to exercise bottom-up initiatives rather than a top-down approach to make ongoing reforms more transparent and effective.

“As reform is a long, arduous haul, the country uses the best international, practice distilled from other global nations' experiences for its nascent reform to be more profound and meaningful,” the editorial said.

It said “a just and fair view” was needed rather than a “one-sided approach.” It added that people often place twice as much significance on a perceived loss than a gain.

The article called on the international community to continue to lend support, to increase aid and to offer investments beneficial to the people at this moment of transformation.
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