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Burmese citizens of foreign countries may return

(Mizzima) – Burmese who are now citizens of foreign countries and living overseas will be allowed to return home and reclaim citizenship, local media reported Tuesday. A requirement is that they relinquish their foreign citizenship.

After President Thein Sein invited Burmese citizens living in foreign countries to return home, members of the Thee Lay Thee traditional dance troupe including Gozilla, Sein Thee, Zee Thee and traditional dancer Chaw Su Myo returned on September 11, 2011. Photo: MizzimaMyanmar Newsweek reported on Tuesday that the re-application process would require Burmese to give up their foreign citizenship as certified by a Burmese embassy abroad, Minister of Immigration and Population Khin Yi was quoted as saying, according to the Xinhua news agency. Dual citizenship of nationals is not allowed in Burma.

In August last year,  President U Thein Sein introduced a new policy after his government took office, saying, “Any individuals and organizations in the nation that have different views from the government should not take account of disagreements,” and he invited them to work with the government for common goals in the national interest.

He said, “Myanmar citizens, living abroad for some reasons, can return home if they have not committed any crime.”

In response to his announcement, many exiled Burmese have since returned home, including prominent activists, academics, entertainers and officials who actively opposed the former military government. Others, however, have said they do not trust the sincerity of the newly installed government and want more guarantees before returning home.
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