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88-Students will be active in politics

(Mizzima) – Burma’s  “88 Generation Students Group” will work with all democratic forces to build democracy, but it will not form a political party right now, leaders said in a press conference in Rangoon on Saturday.

Min Ko Naing addresses media representatives during a press conference in Rangoon on Saturday, January 21, 2012. Photo: MizzimaIn a press statement, the group, led by Min Ko Naing and Ko Ko Gyi, said they didn’t see the glass “half full or half empty” in terms of progress.

“We are neither optimistic or pessimistic. We just try to see things as they are,” said Ko Ko Gyi, who was serving a prison sentence of 65 years and was released in the amnesty this month. “We don’t care whether the glass is half full or half empty. We will just watch what they will do with the water already in the glass.”

The leaders said the group, which led the 1988 demonstrations which saw hundreds killed and thousands jailed, said it would fully cooperate with the government, including the military, to build a “new state.”

“We will cooperate with all national forces for the emergence of a wider peace process through talks being held at present,” said the statement.

“For democracy, peace and development, we will do all we can to the best of our ability to cooperate with the government led by the president, the People’s Parliament, the National Parliament, the military, all political parties, ethnic nationalities and all the pro-reformists from all walks of life in our society.”

The group has said that it supports the candidacy of Aung San Suu Kyi,  the leader of the National League for Democracy, who is running for a seat in Parliament in the April 1 by-election.

“We support Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s decision to take part in the upcoming election for the emergence of genuine democracy,” the group said in a press conference attended by more than 500 people.
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