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MPs returning to NLD ‘mother ship’

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Upper House MP Dr. Myat Nyarna Soe of the National Democratic Force (NDF) has resigned from his party to rejoin the National League for Democracy (NLD), calling it the “mother ship.”

Dr. Myat Nyarna Soe  Photo: FacebookMyat Nyarna Soe, who served as Rangoon Region Central Committee party secretary, said he did not have differences with the NDF, but he wanted to follow the guidelines of NLD leader Aung San Suu Kyi. The NDF accepted his resignation on Thursday.

“Auntie Suu is our national leader,” said Myat Nyarna Soe. “I assume all democracy-loving people want to rally around her because of her leadership capability, and she is well-known on the world political stage for her brilliance.”

Myat Nyarna Soe holds a seat representing Rangoon Region Upper House constituency No. 4. He is also a member of the Bill Committee.

He said he would work with the NLD as an ordinary party member.

“The NLD decided not to re-register and not to contest in the 2010 election. Then the NDF lifeboat started to sail when the NLD mother ship was sinking. Now the NLD is sailing again under the helm of Auntie Suu. So I will de-board from the NDF and re-board the NLD mother ship,” said Myat Nyarna Soe.

In a similar move, New National League for Democracy (NNLD) Vice Chairman Kyi Myint resigned from his party on December 6 to rejoin the NLD. He is an MP from the Latha Township constituency.

Kyi Myint won in the 1990 general election as an NLD candidate from the Latha constituency. He joined the NDF when the NLD decided not to re-register for the 2010 election. Then he formed his own NNLD party after he had differences with the NDF party.

“I want to go back absolutely and unconditionally to my mother party, the  NLD,” Kyi Myint told Mizzima.

The NLD will apply for registration as a political party next week. All former members have to reapply for party membership. Party spokesman Ohn Kyaing told Mizzima that the party expects to have around one million members.

Earlier, NDF party policy affairs committee leader Khin Maung Swe told Mizzima that the party welcomed the registration of the NLD, and it had no objection to those who wished to rejoin the NLD.

NNLD party leader Thein Nyunt told Mizzima that reuniting with the NLD is not possible for the time being, but “we will cooperate and talk with all democratic forces in the tasks of national reconciliation, democracy and human rights.”

Thein Nyunt, a Lower House MP, is a former NLD leader who formed the NDF. Then he left the NDF and formed the NNLD.

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