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Chin State Assembly asks for 25 million kyat from central government

New Delhi (Mizzima) – The Chin State Assembly on Tuesday approved a motion asking for 25 million kyat (about USD $31,645) from the central government to meet a budget shortfall.

Chin State Chief Minister Hung Ngai. Photo: khonumthung.orgKyaw Nyein, a Chin Progressive Party MP and Chin State Forestry and Mines minister, said, “Chin State needs about six billion kyat. But, the central authorities have said Chin State is the state that begs too much, so we cannot ask for all of it. We will do with as much as we have.”
The Chin State Assembly speaker will officially submit the proposal to the Union monetary fund.
Chin State MP Zozam, chairman of the Chin National Party, told Mizzima that MPs discussed the budget after  Chin State Chief Minister Hung Ngai and the head of the budget department submitted the plan.

MPs had five days to prepare for questions and they did not have enough time, according to observers.

Pu Shein Tun, the CPP general-secretary, said, “It was not systematic, so the opposition parties did not have enough time to prepare.”

MP Zozam said opposition members are taking part in a multi-party system, but only one party [the USDP] is taking the “leading role.”

Under parliamentary procedures, questions and motions must be submitted 10 days in advance to the parliamentary office.

The second regular session of Chin State Assembly was held on Tuesday. A total of 12 questions were put to various ministers.

In the first regular assembly session, all Chin State MPs could do was approve the motions submitted by the Union Assembly; no questions were raised and no motions were put forward, observers said.
On October 22, a special assembly was convened and civil engineer Ngun San Aung was appointed as Transport and Construction Minister.
The Chin State Assembly comprises five MPs from the CPP, five MPs from the
CNP, one MP from the Ethnic National Development Party, seven MPs from the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) and six military representatives, totaling 24 MPs.

Chin State ministries are Finance and Planning, Security and Border, Administrative and Industry, Mining and Forestry), Communication and Construction, Agriculture, Commerce, Social, Energy, Transport and Electricity. Of the nine Chin State ministers, one minister is from the CNN and one is from the CNP. The remaining seven ministers are military representatives and USDP members.
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