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Harn Yawnghwe visiting Burma to help make peace

New Delhi (Mizzima) - Harn Yawnghwe, the youngest son of Burma’s first president, Sao Shwe Thaik, met with five pro-democracy parties on Thursday, in a visit to promote peace.

Harn Yawngshwe, the youngest son of Burma's first president  Photo: MizzimaThe meeting was held in the National Democratic Force (NDF) office in Rangoon. The NDF, Democratic Party (Myanmar), Democracy and Peace Party (DPP), Wunthanu NLD and Union Democratic Party (UDP) attended the meeting.

“The main intention of his visit is to seek peace. He said he would try to help in making peace in ethnic areas,” said Nay Yi Ba Swe, the secretary of the Democratic Party.

She told Mizzima: “First, we need to help achieve a cease-fire. After a cease-fire, the two sides can find the most suitable solution through negotiations; if so, peace can be achieved gradually, but we need to take time.”

Harn Yawnghwe left Burma in 1963 and resettled in Belgium. He is the director of the foreign-based Euro-Burma Office (EBO), formed in 1997, and an adviser of the Ehtnic Nationalities Council. He is also the interim executive director of Norway-based Democratic Voice of Burma.

The Belgium-based EBO is funded by the European Union, and by Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung in Germany; Sweden, Norway and Canada to promote the development of democracy in Burma.

During the meeting, the discussion included the issues of peace and parliamentary politics as a way to end dictatorship. 
“We all agreed on the basic fact that parliamentary politics needs to continue,” said Khin Maung Swe of the NDF.

In the meeting, the NDF said that DVB should report the views of political parties in Burma and their democratic efforts. Harn Yawnghwe said that he accepted that law and order are not prevalent in Burma, and there are inequalities and violations of human rights. He said there was a need to end company monopolies in businesses.  
Harn Yawnghwe planned to meet with Aung San Suu Kyi on Thursday evening, and he will also meet with ethnic parties, according to Khin Maung Swe. During his visit to Burma, he will visit his native town of Nyaung Shwe in Shan State and other locations.
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