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Burmese Parliament disagrees on private school registration bill

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) –  The Burmese Upper House of Parliament on Wednesday opposed an amended private school registration bill, marking the first disagreement between the two parliamentary houses.

The Upper House opposed the bill because the Lower House Bill Committee had amended some restrictions in the version of the bill approved in the Upper House.
The Burmese Parliament meets in Naypyitaw, the new capital. Photo: Mizzima
The amended Lower House bill allowed private primary schools to be set up by state or regional administrative office chiefs, and also allowed ethnic students to study their native language.

MPs Nu and Khin Maung Yi of the Union Solidarity and Development Party; New National Democracy Party MP Phone Myint Aung; and Wa Democratic Party MP Sai Paung Nap objected to the amendments made by the Lower House committee. More than 300 MPs voted to return the bill to the Lower House.

The bill will now be discussed in the Union Assembly, a joint parliamentary session of both houses, at a date to be announced later.

Originally, Education Minister Dr. Mya Aye submitted the eight-chapter bill to the Upper House. The bill contained 41 laws. Originally, the bill did not allow for the setting up of private primary schools and that version was approved by the Upper House on September 7.
Then the bill was submitted to the Lower House and the Lower House Bill Committee amended it. The bill was then read out in the Lower House and approved when there was no objection.

The revised bill provided that ethnic students could study their mother-tongue language as an extra subject.  
The amended Lower House version of the bill also said that private schools must follow the curriculum set by the Education Ministry, and it prohibited foreigners from setting up private schools.

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