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Parliament debates use of the word ‘Myanmar’

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – A military member of the Burmese Parliament on Wednesday put forward a motion that the word “Myanmar” should be restricted and not used in certain contexts.

The motion, which was divided into two parts and debated in the Lower House. One motion was defeated by more than 100 votes, according to Lower House MPs.  The other proposal was approved.
Lawmakers wore traditional native dress for this meeting of the Burmese Parliament in Naypyitaw.
Colonel Htay Naing submitted a motion that the use of the word “Myanmar” in phrases such as “Myanmar Karaoke,” “Myanmar Massage” and “Myanmar Entertainment” is not suitable or appropriate.

The proposal said: “To impose a law that the use of the word ‘Myanmar’ is allowed only in writings and publications that can uplift national prestige and noble phrases regarding the country and all ethnic people and ban the use of the word in other inappropriate phrases and logos.”

Seven MPs discussed the motion; five of them supported it and two opposed.

Lower House Speaker Shwe Mann divided the motion into two parts; the first would restrict the use of the word ‘Myanmar’ to be used only in “noble usages” and the second would ban the use of the word in “inappropriate phrases and logos.”

The first proposal passed and will be discussed by the other house. The second proposal defeat by 250 no votes; 133 yes votes and 13 abstentions.
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