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Villagers accidentally shot as government troops fire at armed group

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Two villagers were shot dead accidently on Monday when Burmese government troops opened fire at an armed group that had entered Lawthine Village in Kalaneaung sub-Township in Yebyu Township in Taninthayi Region. 

The government’s Light Infantry Unit No. 282 based in Kalaneaung sub-Township confronted 10 members of an unidentified armed group wearing mottled uniforms when they opened fire. 

Two male villagers in their fifties were hit by bullets and died. 

“When they started to fire, we were in a video theater. When we heard gunfire, all the people in the video theatre ran away. We didn’t know what happened. Nai Wan, who was sitting in a tea shop near the theater, was hit by a bullet and died on the spot,” said a villager. 

Villagers said they believed the armed group entered the village to extort money and when confronted by government soldiers the shooting began. 

On Monday, the bodies of the two men were buried at the Lawthine village cemetery. Government troops have ordered the villagers not to go outside the village. 

Lieutenant Colonel Nyan Tun, a New Mon State Party foreign affairs official, told Mizzima that three small, armed groups were active in the area and they had extorted money and kidnapped and tortured villagers.

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