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23rd founding anniversary of NLD attended by large crowd

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi said on Tuesday that people should work for a better Burma without thinking it’s a sacrifice or in a spirit of revenge.

Suu Kyi told people attending the NLD 23rd anniversary ceremonies that they should work for change in Burma without thinking it's a sacrifice. Photo: MizzimaHer remarks came as the National League for Democracy (NLD) party celebrated its 23rd founding anniversary at its headquarters in Rangoon.

Party leaders Vice chairman Tin Oo and executive committee member Win Tin said people should stand behind Suu Kyi and support her in her work.

Aung San Suu Kyi told the gathering: “If you think of yourself sacrificing (for a cause), you may want to ask for revenge (on your enemy‬). It is not a sacrifice, but your belief. 

“Our members work in the party based on their own will and beliefs. I’d like for everyone to work and to use your strength for the cause in which you believe,” she said.

Recently, Suu Kyi has met with Aung Kyi, the government’s liaison representative twice, and with the President Thein Sein one time. She said that she saw signs of change in the country without disclosing the details of the content of those meetings.  

Responding to criticisms that the government might exploit her, she said she would be happy to be exploited if it would benefit to the country, and that she would continue to stand for the NLD’s policy of dialogue and nonviolent struggle, but she would be flexible in approaching problems.

“If we have to take crucial steps for the country, we will not do it without explaining to party members and to the people,” she said.

At today’s function, Tin Oo said that he appreciated the work done by party leaders, members and pro-democracy activists who were detained and imprisoned for their pro-democracy struggle.

Moreover, he warned NLD party members not to do anything that would undermine the unity and struggle for democracy and human rights.

Win Tin told the gathering to stand united under the leadership of Suu Kyi and to question themselves about the political changes that are underway in the country.  

“How much has been changed?” he asked. “How have things changed, why have things changed and for what reasons have changes been made? You must answer all of these questions for yourself,” he said.

An NLD party statement issued on Tuesday quoted from an address delivered by national leader General Aung San at Shwedagon middle platform on January 20, 1946, in which he said: “The compromise and accommodation we made doesn’t mean we are spiritually weak. We do it because we want to carry out our tasks for our people and the country speedily.”

The ceremony started at 11 a.m. and lasted for one hour. NLD members, student leaders, Committee Representing the People’s Parliament (CRPP) members Aye Thar Aung, Pu Cing Tsing Thang and Soe Win attended the gathering.

Party spokesman Ohn Kyaing said that more than 1,500 people including the new US charge d’ affaires and Pakistani diplomats attended.

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