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Writer Dagon Taryar says some people oppose peace in Burma

New Delhi (Mizzima)  – Prominent Burmese writer Dagon Taryar said that there are some people inside and outside the Burmese army who oppose peace efforts in ethnic areas.
“There are people in the army who oppose peace efforts. Although I’m not sure, I think that there are people outside the army too,” Dagon Taryar told Mizzima.
“I don’t want the renewed fighting to be prolonged. I don’t want it to last any more years. I don’t like anything that opposes peace,” he said.

Writer Dagon Taryar, 94, speaking with journalists, is one of Burma's most active and respected peace activists. Photo: Mizzima 
Peace Activist Dagon Taryar, 94, who took part in nationwide and worldwide peace campaigns from 1950 to 1960, said that he saw some efforts underway to try to establish peace in Burma.
On Wednesday, many opposition and ethnic groups will hold activities that recognize the International Day of Peace established by the UN, which has urged all nations and people to stop fighting on that day.

In conjunction with peace day, the Karen National Union (KNU) announced that it would hold a one-day cease-fire on Wednesday to mark International Day of Peace.

The KNU called on the new Burmese government to cease all offensive actions in Karen State and KNU areas and withdraw its troops from all ethnic states.

“In declaring this one-day ceasefire, the KNU is demonstrating its willingness to solve problems through peaceful political means. We respect the repeated requests of the United Nations Security Council, United Nations General Assembly, and United Nations secretary-general, that there must be dialogue to solve the problems in Burma. We stand ready to enter into genuine dialogue at any time,” the statement said.

Dagon Taryar said, “When I was young, I was not clear about what peace is. Now, I clearly understand what peace is. Without peace, nothing can be done. So, I want a permanent cease-fire.”
Dagon Taryar wrote about his peace efforts in “Lotus Water” in 1963. The book will soon be released in a new edition.
On other issues, Padauk Pwint Thin Magazine will publish a special issue titled “Peace” in October.
“Peace cannot be achieved by power or oppression. It can be achieved only by peace talks. The special issue will cover the peace activities of Thakhin Kotaw Mhine and U Thant (former UN secretary-general), some unsuccessful peace efforts and the current fighting,” editor Maung Sein Ni told Mizzima.
The special issue will include the work of writers, artists, musicians and people across the country.
Padauk Pwint Thit Magazine recently published special issues featuring the conservation efforts going on around important rivers in Burma such as the Irrawaddy, Chindwin and Salween.
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