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Presidential adviser says all of the country’s issues are ‘urgent’

New Delhi (Mizzima) – Burma is experiencing serious problems that must be tackled urgently, and they are all interconnected, said the leader of the presidential political advisory group, Ko Ko Hlaing.
“We cannot say that only a specific issue should be tackled immediately. All the things that we need to do must be done urgently,” Ko Ko Hlaing told Mizzima.
“There are many issues,” he said. “They are connected with each other. For instance, in economics, regarding the exchange rate unification, we need to overhaul the banking system. Also, the commercial tax needs to be lowered,” said Ko Ko Hlaing.
“I want to express my views and ideas about how we can enhance development through recent changes and current circumstances,” he said, adding that the stability of the nation, its development and the move toward democracy should be balanced and in harmony.

“In accord with my desires, it would be best if there were no one in prison. But, unconditionally and immediately releasing all the people in prison may not be possible. There are ‘technical issues’ to be tackled,” he said.
A former military officer, Ko Ko Hlaing and outspoken, controversial writer Maung Su San, 84, will deliver a talk titled “The Political Situation in Burma in 2011” at the Orchid Hotel in Rangoon at noon on Saturday.
Maung Su San, who once said, “Politics is doing possible things,” wrote articles highlighting ‘political spaces’ and ‘political shifts’ in local periodicals.

Ko Ko Hlaing said that he welcomed any public talk by any person, but he does not get into arguments. “In accordance with the Buddha’s teaching, arguments can never bring benefits. I won’t be involved in arguments. I’m ready to work with others if we have a common ground and the same aim for the sake of the country. It’s important,” said Ko Ko Hlaing, who retired from the military as a General Staff Officer Grade I.

“Snap Shot” weekly journal and the Orchid Hotel organized the talk. Admission has been limited to 100 people and it is now fully booked, according to a journal staffer.
“The audience includes directors of companies, lawyers, and students from the Technological University,” she told Mizzima.
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