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CPP proposes poverty alleviation measures in Chin State

New Delhi (Mizzima) – The Chin Progressive Party (CPP) has submitted five motions in the Burmese Parliament including the designation of Chin State as a special region in order to get more funding to relieve widespread poverty.

The proposals also include earmarking the collection of forest revenue to be used for projects in Chin State, designating the Kyaukpantaung region in Paletwa Township as a reserved forest area, building a cement factory in Falam Township and building small and medium-size hydropower plants as Chin State government projects.

The Burmese Parliament in session in Naypyitaw, the capital. Photo: MIzzima“We have submitted our motions with the necessary documents. Now our party is awaiting our turn in Parliament,” CPP General-Secretary Pu Shein Tun told Mizzima.

Party officials said that only by being recognized as a special region could Chin State receive more budget funding for development and catch up with other states and regions. Chin State is recognized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as the poorest state in Burma among 14 states and regions, in a report issued in June 2011.

“As a special region, we can get certain privileges in budget allotments for the state, say we will get 120 million kyat while other states get 100 million, otherwise it will be difficult for us to catch up with other states in development,” CPP chairman Noe Thang Kup told Mizzima.

The revenue collected by the state government alone is not adequate for development in the state, he said. The party will ask for timber extraction revenue in the state to be allotted for development projects.

“Forests in Chin State are not under the authority of the Chin State government. They are divided in Sagaing and Magwe Regions. So the revenue generated from timber extraction in these forests cannot be collected by Chin State,” Noe Thang Kup said.

In regard to other proposals, building a cement factory in Falam, where raw limestone is available, could generate income for the state government and alleviate poverty if the central government agrees to fund such a factory.

In Parliament on August 24, USDP MP Manar Nai from Chin State constituency No. 10 asked about electrification projects in Kanpetlet Township from hydropower plants being built on the Manipur and Myitthar rivers by the central government.

Union Minister of No.2 Electric Power Ministry replied that 66 high-tension power transmission lines were being built and the project would be completed near the end of 2012 Chin State would get more hydropower upon completion of the two projects, he said.

However, “It has been more than six years, but they can complete only half of a diversion tunnel,” CPP officials said in regard to the Manipur hydropower project in Falam.

The CPP also moved motions to maintain Gangaw Road, establish colleges at appropriate locations in Chin State and give medical licenses immediately to newly graduated ethnic Chin medical doctors and assign them to work in state townships.
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