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Irrigation dams in Burma delayed due to financial problems

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – A budget shortfall has delayed irrigation dams in the Sagaing and Magwe regions of Burma, Agriculture and Irrigation Minister Myint Hlaing told the Upper House of Parliament on Tuesday.
Under the former junta, the Yazajo Dam Project in Kalay Township in Sagaing Region and the Myittha Dam Project in Gangaw Township in Magwe Region were started in 2005 and in early 2011 respectively. Minister Myint Hlaing said that because of a lack of funds only 35 per cent of the Yazajo Dam Project and only 36 per cent of Myittha Dam Project has been finished.
The Kyi Oung Kyi Wa small dam in Magwe Division, in an undated photo. Photo: Mizzima
Regarding a question about the Yazajo Dam across Nayyinzaya Creek near Yazajo Village, which was put by MP Thein Hlaing of Sagaing Region constituency 8, the minister said that only a geological survey, some foundation work and some walls had been completed.

He said that the government had planned the dam project to be finished in 2013-2014, with the cooperation of private investors. After the project is completed, 4 megawatt of electricity will be generated and the dam could supply 6,500 acres of farmland with water, he said.

Regarding a question about the Myittha Dam, which was put by MP Hla Swe of Magwe Region constituency 12, the minister said that the project was delayed until it received more funds. The government had also planned for the project to be finished in 2013-2014.
Similarly, the minister said that the Myaytha Lakpan Irrigation Dam, with a water storage capacity of 4,910 acre feet, in Myinmu Township in Sagaing Region, which was built across Lakpan Creek, was originally intended to irrigate 2,500 acres of land, but only about 3,400 acre feet of water was stored in the dam. As a result, the dam’s capacity for irrigation has fallen short of projections.

In reply to a question by MP Win Tin of Sagaing Region constituency 1, the Myint Hlaing said that to help meet needs, an irrigation dam was scheduled to be built across Thitlane Creek in Myinmu Township and a geological survey was begun in 2008.

In reply to another question by MP Saw Tun Mya Aung of Karen State constituency 5, Electric Power No. 2 Minister Khin Maung Soe said that because of limited security around the power station in Hphapun Township in Karen State, the station could supply the township with electricity for only about two hours per a day.  
Regarding a question whether the government has a plan to repair engines in the hydropower station in Hphapun, the minister said that during the maintenance of the hydropower station in August 2008, rebels killed three security force members.

Employees cannot go to the power station now, he said, but the government has a plan to tighten security around the power station.
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