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Flooding hits Tachilek; border market closed

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – The Mae Sai stream has overflowed its banks flooding Mae Sai and Tachilek on the northern Thai-Burmese border, closing a market and two schools.

Residents said five quarters of Tachilek had been flooded and Tarlot market closed.

Residents in Tachilek said flood waters reached nearly two feet in some areas when the Mae Sai stream overflowed. Photo: MizzimaHeavy rain over the weekend caused flooding in Ponetun, Tarlot, Makahokham, Samsai and Mekong quarters and travel on roads was disrupted.
Phyu Phyu Thwe in the Ponetun quarter said, “Flooding on the road has been up to my thighs. Only shops at the high area of Tarlot Market are open. The shops at the low end of the market are closed.” She said that the Tarlot market, a major location for border trade, was closed on Saturday

The Bogyoke Aung San Road, Tachilek’s main roadway, has been ruined by the floodwaters, according to residents.

“After the road was flooded, people had to walk and grope their way forward. Cars and motorcycles were out of order,” said a local resident.

Some residents said that blocked sewers and gutters added to the flooding. Others cited the depletion of the forest on nearby mountains.

“I think the flood is connected with the loss of trees,” said Phyu Phyu Thwe, a local resident. “Also the Mae Sai stream is narrower by about one-half. Because it’s more narrow now, it often overflows its banks.”

Quarters in Tachilek are usually flooded in August and September each year when the Mae Sai stream overflows its banks, residents said.
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