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Burma’s president is fan of actor Kyaw Thu: says shave the moustache, beard

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – The Burmese president is a big fan of academy award winner Kyaw Thu who has been banned from appearing in Burmese films since his involvement in the 2007 Saffron Revolution. He has since devoted his life to charity work.

Thein Sein told Kyaw Thu’s wife, Shwe Zee Gwet, that the actor was his favourite film star when they met at a political, social and economic conference in Naypyitaw on Wednesday.

Actor Kyaw Thu, centre, and Aung San Suu Kyi at the 10th anniversary of the Free Funeral Service Society.  Photo: Mizzima“The president said that Kyaw Thu was a handsome actor that he liked very much,” Shwe Zee Gwet told Mizzima.

A two-time academy award winner, Kyaw Thu along with the well-known comedian Zargana offered alms to protesting monks during the September 2007 uprising. Kyaw Thu was then barred from performing in films and other performing arts by the former military regime. Zarganar was convicted of violating the Electronics Act and sentenced to prison.

After being banned from public performances, Kyaw Thu grew a moustache and beard. President Thein Sein said that he would like to see the actor look as he appeared before without the beard and moustache.

“He asked me why this handsome actor that he liked so much is now adopting this look. He urged him to return to his previous look,” Shwe Zee Gwet said.

Kyaw Thu established the Free Funeral Service Association in 2001 and since then has devoted himself to charity work. He also opened the “Thukha” charity clinic to provide free medical treatment to the poor.

The actor said that if the Information Ministry lifted his work ban, he would like to film real life stories.

Kyaw Thu told Mizzima: “If I can film true stories, I'll do it but the censorship board and policy would have to change first otherwise I couldn’t do it.”

He said that he planned to devote his life to charity work, and he would keep his moustache and beard.

“I realize now the meaning of life. Inner mind is more important than outer appearance, and I won’t change my outer appearance anymore,” he said.

Kyaw Thu began his film career in the early 1980s. He won the best actor award for “Ta Pyi Thu Ma Shwe Htar” in 1994, and the best director award for “Amay Noe Phoe” in 2003. The film community said that he always tried to avoid appearing in government propaganda films.
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