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Suu Kyi ‘thanks’ Burmese gov’t for cooperation on Martyrs’ Day

New Delhi (Mizzima) – After leading a 3,000-person march to the Martyrs’ Mausoleum in Rangoon on Tuesday, Aung San Suu Kyi said thanks to the Burmese government for its cooperation on Martyrs’ Day, according to NLD spokesman Nyan Win.
The public march to the mausoleum paid homage to Burma’s fallen independence heroes, including Aung San, Suu Kyi’s father.

NLD leaders Aung San Suu Kyi and Tin Oo, right, prepare to go to the Martyrs' Mausoleum in Rangoon to honour fallen independence heros on the 64th anniversary of Martyrs' Day on Tuesday. Photo: Mizzima 
“She said that in accordance with the negotiations between government officials and the NLD, officials carried out their duties and the NLD could pay homage to fallen heroes peacefully and that was a win-win situation, so she would like to say thanks to the authorities and she was happy,” Nyan Win told Mizzima.
Suu Kyi said that it was a good example that showed negotiations could bring successful, he said.
At around 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Suu Kyi appeared at the Martyrs’ Mausoleum through an arrangement with the Home Affairs Ministry. The ministry also provided her transportation.

At 11 p.m., the NLD held a ceremony to commemorate Martyrs’ Day at NLD headquarters in Bahan Township in Rangoon and Suu Kyi delivered a speech focusing on the word “martyr.”  
“She explained the meanings of the word.  The word ‘martyr’ does not mean just the person who was killed. It also means a person who suffered greatly due to his or her great works and noble mind. So, the country needed many martyrs with great minds,” Nyan Win said.  
The one-hour ceremony at NLD headquarters included a poster exhibition and poetry reading.
More than 4,000 people including foreign diplomats in Rangoon attended the ceremony, according to NLD security officials.

“The headquarters was full. And there were more than 1,000 people outside the office. That number covered only the people who were on the same side of the road as us. There were many people on the other side too. In accordance with the plan, she would leave the office via car after the ceremony,” said the security official.
Suu Kyi accompanied by NLD leaders, leaders of the Committee Representing the People’s Parliament and prominent politicians all went to the mausoleum to pay homage. The crowd queued up and paid homage to the martyrs until 4 p.m.
About 3,000 marchers made their way to the Martyrs' Mausoleum in Rangoon on Tuesday. Photo: Mizzima 
A security staff member said: “We cooperated with the authorities. There has been no disturbance. In accordance with the authorities, security staff conducted searches for security reasons. Everyone was allowed to enter the mausoleum. There were more than 4,000 or 5,000 people.” The public march was supervised by members of the NLD youth network.
On July 12, 2011, Suu Kyi accompanied by her son Htein Lin, was also allowed to visit the Martyrs’ Mausoleum to pay homage to the fallen martyrs.
Martyrs’ Day ceremony in Myitkyina
Although the Kachin State Administrative office chief issued an order not to hold a ceremony to commemorate Martyrs’ Day, NLD members held a ceremony in the NLD office in Myitkyina, said Win Bo, an NLD township canvasser.
Kachin State Administrative Office chief Lungjung Ngan Sai told Kachin State NLD chairman Hla Sai and party leaders not to hold the ceremony on Tuesday.
“But, we had arranged every thing, so we held the ceremony,” Win Bo told Mizzima.
Eighty-four NLD members from Mohnyin, Mogaung, Tanai, Waimaw, Hpakant and Myitkyina townships attended. They issued a statement urging the government to release all political prisoners, to secure a cease-fire with ethnic armed groups and halt the Myitsone Dam Project. 

Ignoring a request not to hold a ceremony, NLD members in Shwebo commemorated Marytrs’ Day, NLD chairman Tin Win told Mizzima.
“They said it would be better if we did not hold the ceremony,” said Tin Win. About 50 members attended the ceremony, and a politician,Than Nyunt, 90, delivered a speech.
Other towns including Sagaing, Madaya, Yaynanchaung, Yaydashay and Kawthaung also held ceremonies to commemorate Martyrs’ Day.

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