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USDP will aid pensioners in getting increased pension payments

New Delhi (Mizzima) – The Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) said that it would come to the aid of Burmese pensioners who are having problems in getting pension payments in person.

The new headquarters of the USDP in Naypyidaw. Photo: Mizzima“Most of the elderly pensioners cannot travel easily. Some of them do not know the current location of their departments. We can arrange cars for them. We will provide our service if these pensioners ask for our help,” Rangoon Region USDP joint secretary Thar Win told Mizzima. He said pension forms issued by the Township Administrative offices are available in township branch offices of the USDP.

On June 30, the new government increased pension payments, but pensioners need to fill out pension forms. However, misinformation and other obstacles have caused confusion.

A 70-year-old retired worker in the Agriculture department told Mizzima: “We welcome their service if they really help us with good intentions. The process for applying for a new pension payment is complicated and now I’m using an agent to do all the paper work.”

A Peace and Diversity party member said other parties had difficulty in helping pensioners like the ruling USDP party.

“They have an advantage in financial resources, manpower and good relations with government departments. Other parties cannot compete with them in this regard. If our party or the NLD tried to do this kind of work, we would have difficulty in the paper work and in getting the required recommendation letters,” Peace and Diversity party chairman Nay Myo Wei told Mizzima.

There are more than 800,000 government staff pensioners and more than 40,000 political pensioners across the country. According to the increased pension payment rate, pensioners will get a minimum 20,000 kyat (US$ 25) to a maximum 110,000 kyat (US$ 137.5) as additional payments to their monthly pensions.

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