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Rangoon Region Chief Minister Myint Swe meets with journalists

Rangoon (Mizzima) – The following are statements delivered by Rangoon Region Chief Minister Myint Swe and Rangoon Region Minister Nyan Tun Oo at the Rangoon Regional Parliamentary building on Sunday when they met with journalists.
Rangoon Region Chief Minister Myint Swe
Just explaining about our activities is enough. This meeting is just to make a statement about regional government activities, not a press conference. The Democratic Voice of Burma [a Norway-based non-profit media organization] reported about our first meeting with journalists. Their report caused people and the Union Assembly to misunderstand certain issues. The exile Burmese media also reported about our first meeting. Who sent the information to the exile media? The people who attended the meeting. No one else could have sent it to exile media.

At that time, we talked about schools. Exile media reported about it. In fact, the schools’ pass percentages are high. That’s why the parents of the students want their children to register for these schools, and they donated a lot of money to the schools. So only the children whose parents could afford to donate can register for the schools. We explained that. The exile media always opposes the government.
Minister Nyan Tun Oo
According to a journalist at the meeting: Rangoon Region Minister Nayn Tun Oo said that the regional government has ordered all massage parlours and KTV karaoke lounge bars to close. He added that the regional government is planning to employ the staff from the massage parlours and KTV karaoke lounge bars in other jobs. To make the application process easy, the passport office was moved to another location and applicants can now obtain a passport within three weeks.
On other areas, as a protection against a dengue fever outbreak, the government will improve drainage systems around schools. The government will also carry out environmental conservation work around Rangoon University and the Rangoon Institute of Technology. During the process, the Rangoon Municipality will use power generators to implement the tasks if necessary.
–To eliminate poverty in Rangoon, the regional government is trying to create job opportunities in the industrial sector.
–Minister Nyan Tun Oo said that it was not legal for administrative office chiefs to take 5,000 kyat (about US$ 0.75) each from both the landlord and tenant to make a rent contract.

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