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Rough seas, high waves likely in Burmese delta and Coco Islands

New Delhi (Mizzima) – Meteorologist Dr. Tun Lwin has warned fishermen and boat travelers of the likelihood of rough seas and 10-foot high waves along the Irrawaddy delta and the Coco Islands in Burma within the next three days starting Monday.

A fisherman on the beach in Ngapali in Arakan State in Burma on March 10, 2011. Severe storms are expected this week along the Irrawaddy delta and the Coco Islands. Photo: MizzimaHe said a sea surge and high waves present a threat to fishermen and everyone living along the coastal area. The most dangerous region will be between the delta and the Coco Islands, he said.

“When waves are so high, the fishermen should not go to sea. Small boats and boats which have no seaworthiness should not go to the high sea,” Tun Lwin told Mizzima. Wind speeds may reach 40 mph, he said.

There was heavy rain on Monday in the Irrawaddy Region and in Kyauphyu in Rakhine State.

“The drizzle in our area and the rest is normal. The boats are out for their runs as usual,” a resident of the Ngwe Saung beach resort village in Irrawaddy Region told Mizzima.

In Kyaukphyu, a resident said, “There has been incessant rain since yesterday and the rain is heavy, but the wind is not too strong.”

Gale force winds during March 14-17 swept more than 4,000 fishermen into the sea in Pyapon District alone, local residents said.


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