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Many Burmese pensioners confused about qualifying for pensions

Rangoon (Mizzima) – Pensioners say that recommendation letters from block authorities and police are being required now for their pension payments, according to pensioners. The policy is causing confusion and difficulty for elderly pensioners who have changed residences.

Pensioners seek information from a pension office in Rangoon. An increase in pensioners' pay has caused confusion about the new rates and how to qualify. Photo: MizzimaPensioners said the official government rule says no letter from a block authority or police is required unless a pension book is lost.

When contacted by Mizzima, an official at the Rangoon Division General Administration Department said that usual bureaucracy and red tape have been relaxed for pensioners.

“The pensioners do not need to pay any money to get the new increased pension pay scale. The applications are available at the township offices free of charge. Except for those who have lost their pension books, the recommendation letters from either the bloc authority or police force is not required. We have made all arrangements for the convenience for the pensioners,” he said.

There are more than 800,000 general pensioners across the country and 40,000 political pensioners. According to the new pay scale for pensions, pensioners will get a minimum 20,000 kyat (US$ 25) more than their current pension and the maximum additional amount will be 110,000 kyat (US$ 137).

Requirements for getting the increased pension pay scale:

  • The pensioners who retired before January 1, 2010, must go to their work departments or units to fill out the new pension forms. The officer in charge can meet pensioners who are in poor health to fill out the new pension forms.
  • In case of the loss of a pension book, the pensioner must apply in accordance with the operational procedures laid down through the banks concerned.
  • The pensioners who haven’t draw their pension payments for a long time need to reapply directly to their units for their overdue pension payments.
  • The family pension will be calculated with the existing calculation method based on original salary and time scale pay.
  • For those who have already drawn lump sums, pensions will be paid by calculating the new increased pension pay scale after deducting the percentage of this lump sum amount the pensioners received.
  • Those who are drawing more than one pension payment must apply separately. If they cannot provide the period of drawing the last pay scale when they were in service, this period shall be presumed as one year only.



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