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Female student killed by army captain in murder-suicide

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – A Burmese army captain on Wednesday stabbed a female grade nine student to death with a knife and then he committed suicide in Okka Myothit Quarter in Pegu, according to local residents.

Captain Kyaw Thura with the Light Infantry No. 7 unit stabbed Thet Hnin Swe, the daughter of Warrant Officer Soe Myint, who serves in a battlefield engineer battalion, with a knife.

Authorities said that after Captain Kyaw Thura stabbed the girl to death, San San Myint, the wife of Warrant Officer Soe Myint, shouted for help and neighbours came to the victims’ compound.

‘Her mother shouted for help, so the people from the Quarter gathered in front of their compound. There is a brick wall and the iron door was closed. The men kicked the door and after it was opened the crowd went out of control. The captain went down on his knee and stabbed his left chest and died immediately’, a resident who lives in Okka Myothit told Mizzima.

Workers’ rights activist Aye Myint in Pegu conducted a video interview with San San Myint and another eyewitness, and then he distributed the video file on the Internet.

In the video interview, San San Myint said that Captain Kyaw Thura went to Warrant Officer Soe Myint’s house to borrow money, and he talked with Soe Myint shortly before the stabbing.

‘My daughter was arranging CDs in order. He was sitting on a sofa. I went to my daughter and told her that it was nearly 12 and she should take a bath. Then I went back to the rear of the house to wash a cloth. Then, he tried to stab my daughter', San San Myint said in the video.  

‘My daughter ran to the rear of the house as I was washing the cloth. He was trying to stab her, and I pulled him away but I fell. He was angry with me because I pulled him, and he tried to stab me. Then, my daughter pulled at his shirt from his back because he was trying to stab me. Then he stabbed my daughter. Then I splashed him with water from my bucket’, San San Myint said in the video.

Thet Hnin Swe died immediately. Her funeral will be held on Friday at noon at the Sinphyukwin Cemetery in Pegu.

Kyi Win, the secretary of Thamanaykyaw Free Funeral Service Society (Pegu), told Mizzima that it sent the body of Captain Kyaw Thura to the mortuary of Yayway Cemetery in Rangoon on Thursday. Residents estimated that Captain Kyaw Thura was about 40 years old.

After the incident, police from Pegu Police Station No. 3 investigated and took photographs, according to witnesses. Mizzima contacted the police station, but it refused to provide any details.

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