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Revered abbot in Mon State dies

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – The abbot of Lawimanhtaw Monastery, Sayadaw Bhaddanta Eindaka, 75, who was revered by people in Mon State, died on Wednesday. The Lawimanhtaw Monastery is located in Kamawak village in Mudon Township.

During April, with the support of Ohn Myint, the chief minister of Mon State, and other donors, the abbot traveled to Singapore to receive medical treatment. Two weeks ago, he was admitted to Asia Tawwin Hospital in Sanchaung Township in Rangoon.

Chief Minister Ohn Myint, Mon State Social and Cultural Minister Dr. Min Nwe Soe and Mon State Energy and Electrical Power Minister Naing Lawi Aung visited the monastery and paid their respects to the abbot, according to a monk in the monastery.  

‘They heard that the abbot was seriously ill, so two days ago they came here from Rangoon. Many doctors from Rangoon accompanied them. Currently, there are many ministers in the monastery’, a donor told Mizzima on Wednesday.

The abbot was born in Kamawak village. He had received many high honors, and he was chairman of the Mon Literature and Buddhist Culture Teaching Association.

‘He had dedicated his life to development work and Mon literature. His death is like a star has fallen’, said a monk with the culture and teaching association.  

The abbot supported the 2010 election and the Union Solidarity and Development Party.

The body of the abbot will be put in a glass coffin on June 21 and it will be cremated on January 26, 2012, in a field in front of Kyaikzayar Temple near the monastery, according to a monk at the monastery.


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