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Burma to launch first state-owned satellite, expand communications

Mizzima – Burma’s Deputy Minister Tint Lwin of the Post and Communications, Posts and Telegraphs Ministry said on June 6 that Burma would launch its first state-owned communications satellite worth about US$ 200 million.

Burma plans to launch its own satellite and increase television and mobile phone communications in the country. These satellite TV receivers are located on a rooftop of a residential building in Rangoon. Photo – MizzimaThe Rangoon-based Weekly Eleven Journal said in an article on Sunday that Deputy Minister Tint Lwin said in the opening ceremony of the Basic Mobile Communication Networking Course No. (2) that with the cooperation of Russian, Chinese and Japanese satellite operators, Burma would launch the state-owned satellite. No date for the launch was given.

‘Because we don’t have our own satellite, our country has to pay about US$ 15 million per year to rent a satellite. To launch our own satellite, it will cost about $200 million. So, we considered whether we should launch our own satellite or continue renting a satellite’, the newspaper quoted the deputy minister as saying.

An official with the communications department said that if a state-owned satellite is launched, Burma would expand the number of businesses in the satellite television broadcasting sector and communications sector.

Moreover, as a part of expanding mobile networks in Burma, the government would allow 30 million mobile telephones in Burma within five years, according to the article.

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