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After agreement, Bauk Ja drops her lawsuit against Burmese minister

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Bauk Ja of the National Democratic Force (NDF) said she has dropped a lawsuit against former Burmese Lower House MP Ohn Myint of the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) after he promised to support development work in Hpakant Township.

Farmers advocate Bauk Ja, who has dropped her lawsuit against a Burmese government minister. Photo: MizzimaBauk Ja filed a lawsuit alleging electoral fraud in the Hpakant Township constituency with the Election Commission Tribunal in Naypyitaw. The first hearing was held in February. Later, an agreement was reached between the two sides, and Bauk Ja dropped the suit on May 30.

She said, ‘My main demands are farmers’ affairs, building schools and better roads. He said that he sympathized with the farmers and the grassroots people. He promised to enhance the quality of their lives. And he told me that I can freely do  development work’, Bauk Ja told Mizzima.

Ohn Myint, the former commander of the Northern Command, resigned as Lower House MP after President Thein Sein appointed him Union Cooperatives Minister. His parliamentary seat has has been vacant.  A by-election will be held in October, and Bauk Ja said she would contest for the parliamentary seat in the Hpakant constituency.

She said that she worried that if she did not drop the lawsuit, her plan to contest the by-election would be less effective .

‘I didn’t know how long a full trial would last. If I continued the suit, I didn’t know if they would have prolonged the trial or not’, she said.

Bauk Ja is a well-known advocate for farmers in the Hpakant area. She has helped farmers file lawsuits against the Yuzana Company which seized about 20,000 acres of farm land after giving farmers 80,000 kyat per acre as compensation. The Yuzana Company is owned by former junta business associate Htay Myint. 

The the parliamentary election,  Ohn Myint defeated her by more than 4,000 votes.

In a court hearing, Bauk Ja and Ohn Myint shook each hands with each other. 

He said promised to help the farmers and aid the Yuzana Company was unfair. And he promised that he would cooperate in improving the education of  students in the schools’, Bauk Ja said.

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