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Ruling party MPs put forward suggestions on farmers’ affairs

New Delhi (Mizzima) – The ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) has put forward ideas on securing farmers’ rights during a meeting on parliamentary procedures, according to Nationalities Assembly Bill Affairs Committee member Dr. Myat Nyarna Soe.

National Democratic Force MP Myat Nyarna Soe  Photo: FacebookThe meeting, which started on Monday, will last about a month and be attended by members of the People’s Assembly and Nationalities Assembly and speakers of regional and state Assemblies.

‘The USDP MPs put forward suggestions on farmers’ affairs. They suggested safeguarding farmers’ rights and introducing a bill to decrease rent for farm land’, Dr. Myat Nyarna Soe, a National Democratic Force MP, told Mizzima.

He said 10 issues including good governance, legislative affairs, the executive and the judiciary, safeguarding farmers’ and workers’ rights and migrant worker issues were discussed during the meeting.

In Burma, free workers’ associations have not existed since 1962.

The Federation of Trade Unions (FTU) of Burma joint secretary Dr. Zaw Win Aung said that Burma needs to allow workers’ associations to safeguard workers’ rights. The FTU is a foreign-based group.

‘In countries like India, if you have five workers, you can form a workers’ association. There is no restriction on forming workers’ associations. In some countries, we need at least 1,000 workers to form a workers’ association. That regulation is a big obstacle to form a workers’ association’, Zaw Win Aung said.

Other issues discussed included allowing the use of foreign currencies in Burma and giving Parliament the authority to approve the government’s  budget.  Under the Constitution, the budget is  assembled and approved by a government-appointed body.


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