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Chin political parties say two more ministries needed

New Delhi (Mizzima) – Two Chin political parties said that the Chin State government needs two more ministries to work in the areas of education and the environment.

The central executive committee of the Chin Progressive Party  Photo: MizzimaThe Chin Progressive Party (CPP) called on the state government to create an education ministry, and the Chin National Party (CNP) called for an environment ministry.

‘We were surprised to see that an education ministry was not included in the Chin State government. In Chin State, some school teachers don’t even go to their schools the whole year. The state must have an education ministry to uplift education in’, CPP chairman Noe Thang Kap told Mizzima.

CNP chairman Zo Zam said and environmental ministry is needed because the current Forest Ministry doesn’t protect the environment. 'In our state, the Forest Ministry takes charge of the environment. It is something like appointing a thief as treasurer.

'They turn a blind eye on illegal logging by taking bribes’. Illegal poaching, slash-and-burn farming and pollution of rivers and lakes is a big problem, he said.

The parties submitted motions in the Chin State assembly to add the ministries, but the Chief Minister said only that the issue would be discussed later. Currently, the Chin State government has nine ministries: Finance and Planning, Security and Border Affairs, Administrative and Industry, Energy, Electricity, Mining and Forest, Communication and Construction, Agriculture, Economics, Transport, Social (archeology department).

Among the ministries, one person from the CPP and CNP was given a ministerial post. The rest of the portfolios were taken by USDA party and Tatmadaw (Defence Services) legislators appointed by the commander in chief. The cabinet list for Chin State was submitted to the assembly on February 14 by chief minister and former Brigadier General Hong Ngai of the USDA party and approved unanimously.

The CNP said that more ethnic Chin should be represented in the state cabinet.

In the initial list of nominees for the state cabinet, USDP legislator Pu Kue Thang didn’t meet the minimum age requirement and was disqualified. The post remains unfilled.

Both Chin parties said that the government’s priorities should be better communication and transportation in the state.

In the past election, the CPP and CNP each won five seats; the Ethnic Nationalities Development Party won one seat, the USDA won seven and six legislators were appointed from the Defence Services.

The Chin State Cabinet

1 Hong Ngai Chief Minister (USDA)
2 Nein Nai Administrative and Industry (USDA)
3 Cing Lian Pau Transport, Communication and Construction
4 Nan Zamong Finance and Planning (USDA)
5 Dr. Ba Maung Social (non-elected legislator, retired director general of archeology)
6 Van Thaung (non-elected) Agriculture, Former state-level Manager, Myanmar Cotton and Silk industry
7 Colonel Zaw Min Oo Security and Border Affairs (Army)
8 Ram Mahn Economics (CNP)
9 Kyaw Nyein Energy, Electricity, Mining and Forest (CPP)

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