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Earthquake residents say death toll now 104

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – The unofficial earthquake death toll count has reached 104, according to information compiled on Friday by  residents of the quake zone in northeastern Burma.

The cracks split apart the whole section of the road. Photo : Mizzima/Real NaingAccording to local information, 47 people died in the Tarlay (Ta Lur) area; 22 in Kyakuni village in Mong Yaung Township;  29 the Mong Lin area, three in Tachilek and three in Naryaun.

Local sources in Tarlay said residents from there were still missing.

Burmese state-run media placed the number of dead at 74 on Friday afternoon, with 111 injured.

A Tachilek resident who traveled to Tarlay on Friday told Mizzima, ‘The earthquake was heavy in Tarlay. I saw many dead bodies in  coffins beside the road’.

Sources said the dead included victims in Kyakuni village who died while they were attending a Bible class and the church collapsed during the quake.

On Friday afternoon, Brig Gen Than Tun Oo, the commander of the Eastern Command, toured Tarlay and Mong Lin to inspect 300 soldiers who were carrying out rescue operations.

A total of 224 houses, six apartment blocks, 11 religious buildings and nine government buildings were destroyed in the Naryaung, Mong Yaung, Tachilek and Tarlay townships, state-run MRTV4 said on Friday afternoon.

Currently, UNICEF, World Vision, the Red Cross and international aid groups are carrying out rescue operations in the area.


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